KHL's 2017 Amazing Race

The associates and candidate attorneys in our various teams took part in our 2017 Amazing Race on Saturday 10 June 2017. As was to be expected, competition between the teams was fierce but healthy with a great sense of camaraderie.

The destinations that the teams had to locate as part of the Race included the swimming pool of the closest hotel to the Chief Justice’s Office, Liliesleaf Farm (scene of the capture of most of the Rivonia trialists) and Madiba’s statute on Nelson Mandela Square. The teams of young lawyers also had to find their way around a horse riding school in Kyalami. The challenges that the teams had to complete as part of the Race tested the teams both physically and intellectually. Essay writing, rugby ball place kicking, a pub quiz, a 80s lookalike competition, a ball and bucket challenge, a hidden clue treasure hunt, a lot of clue solving and even more navigation all formed part of a jam packed day. It was a really good day out for all involved.

Have a look below to see some pictures of what was a most enjoyable and constructive day for our up-and-coming junior professionals.