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KHL was my choice for articles because the promise of a close interaction to learn and develop my abilities from some of the leading professionals in commercial litigation was too good an opportunity to pass up, and I don’t regret it. At KHL you are an individual, not a number. You interact with all persons, from secretaries to senior partners who are all eager to assist and teach you, if you are willing to learn. The open door policy puts you at ease quickly and easily and I believe the growth opportunity that is available to me is exponential. I work hard, I learn a lot and while photocopying and court duty are an aspect of my work, it by no means is a core focus. I get to use my brain and research problems to solve on a daily basis. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to do my articles.
~ Sarah Haken | Senior Associate and Former Candidate Attorney

Serving articles is much more than photocopying, filing and standing in those dreadful long lines at court. It’s about applying and expanding your knowledge, gaining worthwhile experience and growing, not only professionally but personally too. KHL has provided me with all that and more. Being a medium sized law firm, KHL offers an open door policy, direct interaction with some of the best legal minds in the profession and a close knit environment. My experience during my articles has not only been invaluable but also enjoyable.
~ Tayla Lowe | Associate and Former Candidate Attorney

Reflecting on the first year of my articles at KHL, I have come to realise that I am truly fortunate to have been afforded the invaluable opportunity to learn from and work with some of the greatest and most inspirational legal professionals in the industry. KHL offers a comfortable work and growth environment which enables all of its candidate attorneys to approach any senior member of the professional staff with any type of question. At KHL we learn the customs and traditions of the legal world without working under immense pressure or compromising on our standards of living. Candidate attorneys are considered valued members of their respective teams and they share in the tough legal work as well as the highpoints of each matter. At KHL we are constantly reminded that our opinions count and our voices are heard, and for that I am extremely grateful.
~ Christien Swanepoel | Associate and Former Candidate Attorney

In my experience working at KHL offers many of the advantages of a large corporate law firm without compromising on the perks of a smaller firm. The firm has a rich history and institutional culture in which our current directors have grown to become some of the foremost legal minds in their fields. Despite the stature of these individuals, I have never been made to feel uncomfortable in approaching any of them on any question of law and life. It is in these interactions that I have experienced the most growth: professionally and personally. Furthermore, it is in KHL’s recognition of the individuality of each of its employees that a great work/life balance is offered and I am privileged to have been able to pursue the completion of my articles here.
~ David Grenville | Former Candidate Attorney

My experiences so far: At KHL I have been given opportunities which have far exceeded my expectations. I have been allowed to get very involved in the running of a big trial and have been included in meetings and decisions which I had thought I would only be able to read about for the first few years. The firm’s “open door policy” is just that and it has been an amazing experience to be able to talk to any of the associates or partners about the challenges I am facing. I truly feel that this is the best place for me to be able to grow and develop my career – and being with a firm who supports and encourages you at every step is paramount.
~ Sarah Macqueen | Associate and Former Candidate Attorney